The weekend has ended.

So that was this week. Its gon past very fast. Ive been back at work aproximatly two weeks and all is back to normal.
This weekend we have celebrating my boyfriends birhtday with a party on saturday and a little gathering with his parents and other friends non sunday. It was fun borh events and i hope he has enjoyed his day, at least it seems like it.
I have also been wathing a friends cats. She always calls them her little terrorists and i tought they were behaving like cittens but no, they are terrorists. When i came over to feed them there where paper all over the living room and they were running all over and acting crazy. But it might be because im so used to my cats who is very calm, always. Well, you never know, do you?
The boys are of to work againg so im alone this wwek to. Luckely my sister can watch my dog while im at work but it still feels empty despite tha fact that im surrounded by little individuals. I hope my guy gets an apployment here soon, its very boring without him and i really miss him. Its funny, you dont realize how much you love them until they´re gonna, weird isn`t?.
Well now im going to sleep im my big bed alone, miss you a lot. Bye

2008-08-25 @ 00:34:55


Oh my god, im so freaking tired!

Ive worked my second week since the vacation and i cant hold my eyes open. I think its because i have gone up before 6 am and the after work done a lot of baking. Because of all the stnding up my feet are killing me. Im of duty this weekend so were gonna celebrate my boyfriends birthday and have a party tomorrow and his reletivs are coming on sunday. Hopefully i will be dong a lot of sitting but i know myself so...
Now im have to clean up.
See you

2008-08-22 @ 17:37:43


Week of baking

Yes, indeed. My boyfriends birthday is on saturday so there will be people coming over so i will do my famous, or infamous, vanilla and cinnamon buns. I will also make some other pasteries, including the birthday cakes. I will try to bake everything on tuesday but who nows if i will be finished on one day. Asn i always i will make enough to save for later so i will probably be in the citchen all day long. Lucky i like baking.

Boyfriend gone working so this week i am home alone. Dont know what to thionk  about that. We have had room mates the last 1,5 years so this will be the first long week alone. I will manage that too.

And also for everyine who reads this, you dont have to comment in english, fell free to use swedish or english or any other language. Me writing in english is only for my one training.

Well thats it for today. Sleep tight and dont let the bed bugs bite

2008-08-17 @ 23:30:59



I just thought of something. Why has blogging been so popoular, and why do you do it.
For me its is a relief to write about everything thats in my head. Almost like in harry potter and dunmbledores minnessåll. For those who doesnt know what it is, its a device where you can put your thoughts in and view them later.
What do you think?

2008-08-16 @ 23:56:53


It´s flabbergasting!

Wel that´s my favourite word for now. Its just a silly expression but it sounds funny and silly, hihi. Just like i feel.
There´s to much going on in my life at the moment so i will not write about here, if i would i would be sitting here for hours.

So what do everyone think of the OS. i think its to much. The only thing people talks about is just that. I dont get it. The ones who gets the gold is talk about on the news and thats all that matters, or is it? Is it really the winners who should get all the attention. No, says i. It is a big achivment to have come to the OS, but do they have to replace every other tv:show with it. There is a lot of chanals that only show sports, keep it there. Stop messing with my tv:shows.

Just a short one today, hope everyone is happy and alive, bye bye

2008-08-16 @ 23:46:43


First day back at work after the vacation!

Yes, as it say´s, today was my first day back at wok and it was really nice to see everyone again, both the co-workers and all the old folks. Nothing had change so it wont take me too long to fall in to my one shoes, hihi.
This week is the last for all the substitutes and soon it will all be back to normal. Weve had some what good this year. Of course there are bad ones, for example they don´t talk to the elder´s, they just do the things around but almost everytime the social part is the most importent one, not that we make there beds. I don´t get why people don´t talk them, does anyone know.

We watched Kung Fu Panda today and if you haven´t seen it you should, it is really funny. I wont´t tell you any more because i will just spoil it then.

I came back on friday but i haven´t felt like writing and i´ve  just had a nice relaxing weekend at home, except for me rescuing my baby sister again. My parent´s brake up had unexpected consequenses, that we could´nt have expected. Well  that will pass to, i dont stand on either of my parent´s side and i will never take a side since they are my parents and i still love them both and they can solve there one problem. Of course i will help in any way i can but i will still not chose between them. Lycky for me, and of course my siblings, our parents dont want us to chose side. Tricky this business but we will manage.

Since our roommate has move we have redecorated our appartment, so now i have a little krypin? where i can read and all the other rooms look like there supposed to.

Well, now im gonna drink hot chocholate and read a book, hope everyones fine. Bye

P.s. please continue commenting my writing, if you don´t tell me when im doing wrong, how am i supposed to learn

2008-08-11 @ 21:54:26


Can´t stop watching, Help!

I can´t stop watching "So you think you can dance". I saw the last season and it was good but not like this. One couple dance  a sad hip hop. I almost started to cry, i could really feel the feeling they were trying to show. It was about a couple where the man was going in to war, and it´s about there last night together. It was so beatyful. GASP.

I was actually going to write about my day so here is a summary:
Finished the kitchen yesterday, pictures will come when i´m back home.
Cut down a lot of trees and bushes in the backyard.
Plucked a lot of berries (björnbär), aproximatly 4 kg. Brother made a paj, sister made lemonade. Brothers girlfriend will do lemonade and so will i.

Made a short entry because i´m stuck on the show, Oh now it´s starting.

bye bye

2008-08-05 @ 23:22:58


Just a regular day.

Just as it say´s, a regular day here in the summer house. It was raining in the morning but in the afternoon it clered up so my father and babysister took a trip to the beach. It hasen´t ben this warm in the water since i dont know when. Usely it´s very cold when you first get in and after a few minutes t gets warmer but today it felt warm from the start, really nice. Despite the cloudy wheather it has been hot so that dip in the ocean was really nice.

We saw National Treasure 2 and it´s much better then the first, there is more yokes and play, so if you haven´t sen it you should.

I started preparing the citchen for tiling but i had´nt the time to finsih it today so that´s the project for tomorrow. I just hope there will be bad wheather so i wont miss it. I have to fix the citchen and a little thing in the bedroom door and then im fininshed, at least until the next project.

Just now i heard two cat´s fiting. It was my tiny little Liten and a big black one. Liten came running inside thru the open door. I rushed up and tryed to see the black cat. It came running past me in light speed and my sisters jack russel after it. HAHA. Don´t mess with my cat´s, we have two dog´s that protects them, HAHA again. That cat must be the reason why Liten stays inside the house a lot. Hm, you never know, do you? Our big lazy cat, Tippex, is out and about, he who never moves at all at home, and the most playfull cat stays home, weird, don´tyou think?

Anyway, i think i will sleep now, just a little update, and for everyone at home, i think where on friday, see you then

2008-08-04 @ 00:52:53


Inte vant mig än, lite muppig...

I got a knew computer a few days ago and i´m not just to it yet.
I´ts wider then my old one and it contains other programs then i´m just to, but i will manege. (unsure how to spell the last word).
I haven´t  changed my background image yet, hihi. Well, well, i´ll do that when i feel i have the time.

Todag my father got back from his worktrip and sad for him the wheather is supposed to get worst.
Tomorrow we´re going to Torp for grocery and more things for my car. I have been acting really female today, fixing my front lights wearing a really short skirt and a halterneck. Who say´s you have to be filthy when you´re fixing your car. HAHA.
Hit a car a few months back and one of the lights losened. Thought of bying a new one but it costs 650 kronors so i will try to fix the broken one insteed. I have already taken care of the little spots of rost (?) so now the lights all thats left.

Well, now i have to find a brush, forgot mine at home.

Bye bye, hope everyone is ok.
P.s. the link to you´re blog should be out now, dad.

2008-08-01 @ 20:35:32